i used to know a girl with a beautiful port wine birthmark and my family had a history of vitiligo both of which have become really fascinating and lovely to me


canoeing in a crystal clear lake 

coolest but scariest fucking thing

Celebrity deaths do not bring out any strong feelings of sadness from me, let alone tears. But Robin Williams was one of those celebrities which whom I practically grew up watching in all his movies; Hook, Jumanji, Flubber, Mrs. Doubtfire, Aladdin! He’s one of those people who we always thought would be around forever, and now that he’s gone, the world suddenly feels very empty.

R.I.P Robin Williams. You will continue to live on in the hearts that you have touched over the decades forever.




The following gif is from a disturbing & creepy children’s cartoon that was eventually banned from t.v. 
From: Mark Twain’s Mysterious Strangers.

Wow. If I saw this as a child, I would’ve spent atleast a month contemplating on the existence of humanity 

this is a super cool spin on the nature of Satan, an idea that he’s not so much deliberately cruel as brutally narcissistic and uncaring, which i find a lot more interesting than “he’s evil cause he’s evil”. He’s a chameleon, always changing to his own pleasures, and changing the things around him to entertain himself.


envy was envious…

I can’t believe Mike Wazowski killed Markiplier

tjis is still fccking funny im lauhhing
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I am like a see-saw in a sense that I will tilt towards loving my life when all the chips fall into the proper spots, and absolutely detesting the idea of being alive when it’s scattered and wrong. Of course, any human being is like that. What I mean is; my thoughts on something that I normally enjoy will immediately switch to discontent the moment everything goes wrong.
That’s my unilateral or abstract explanation as to why I currently hate this picture of myself at least. I look so happy. I want to reach into the screen and tear my face apart, rip that umbrella to shreds, and kick my body into the ocean behind me. Life at home has always been rather dreadful, but it only became even more as soon as I returned from New York. It increased at such a rate, that my head has now fallen into dark places that I find extremely difficult to drag myself out of. 
I want to be happy like that again. I want to stop worrying about my stupid mother throwing out all her money just so that the leech may continue to live in her self-entitled luxury, ignorant of the burden and pain it places on the others residing in the same home.
Something is about to happen in this home soon. I hate this photo of me so much right now, but I want to look at it again and remind myself that it was only just weeks ago where I was actually happy for once…